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Welcome to RMEDTECH. We are the best online magazine if you lie to learn more about sustainable ways to generate electricity. We feature content on all things related to sustainable energy and helping people everywhere to be more energy-efficient. We are passionate about educating and informing our readers about new technologies, how rural electrification works, and how you can save energy in your own home.

The Background

Scientists and other individuals have been looking for alternative fuel sources that will be more sustainable for decades. Many different options have been discovered and continue to be improved. The main sources of sustainable energy are the wind, sunlight, water, and even garbage. There are many ways in which these sources are harnessed to create energy that is less harmful to our planet and will not run out. You can find lots of articles about these renewable sources and how they work right here on RMEDTECH.

Our planet is basically suffocating from our way of living and generating electricity through fossil fuel burning is one of the biggest issues. If we can turn around how we generate energy and make use of sources that cannot be exhausted and that don’t cost us too much for production and clean-up, we can really make a change. This is why RMEDTECH started this great online magazine.


We also enjoy technology and gadgets and we know our readers enjoy them too. Therefore, we also feature great content regarding 3D printing and other technology that is helping to make sustainable energy more affordable and more practical. Many of the sustainable energy options are still very expensive or impractical for use in small areas, but new technologies are addressing these issues and making it more possible.

3D printing is making it possible to produce turbines, generators, solar panels, etc. at a fraction of the cost that it originally required. Other technologies that improve materials for production are also being fine-tuned. Technology may be partly to blame for the poor environmental conditions, but it is also the thing that will help us solve the problem and make the human race more environmentally friendly.

Our Team

RMEDTECH is run by Jade Booth. Jade is a wonderful and very passionate lady. She has been involved with looking for sustainable energy sources and helping people become more eco-friendly. She joined her husband in creating a home that is almost fully off the grid and eco-friendly. After all their experience with making their own home and lives more sustainable, Jade decided it is time to educate others as well. Her aim with this magazine is to make sure people everywhere know about alternative sources of energy and also about how easy it is to more eco-friendlyeveryday.

We have a very talented and versatile team of writers. They come from different backgrounds and experience and offer great information and fun facts. You will always learn something new here.

RMEDTECH wants to empower every household and business with the knowledge that they can make a difference in the health of the planet.