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21 small changes can save you a lot on your bills

The best way to save on electricity costs is to be smart in your use of electricity. Make these 21 changes to your home for free, and you can save $ 500 or more a year depending on several factors, including the size of your home.

Now it’s time to intelligently join the power of the team and begin the subtraction challenge. If you make the most of the 21 changes below, you can reduce your electricity consumption by 10% during the year and earn a $ 50 prize.

1. Turn off unnecessary lights

Two 100-watt bulbs that go out for an additional two hours a day can save you $ 15 a year. Better, switch to LED lights.

Save $ 15

2. Use natural light
A southern location can be up to 20-100 times larger than its surface area. Turning off a 60-watt lamp for four days a day saves $ 9 a year.

Save $ 9

3.Use task lighting
Turn off the ceiling lights and use table lighting, pedestrian lighting and lighting in work and recreation areas and in the kitchen.

Save $ 6

4. Take shorter showers
Hot water is expensive. If two people in your home reduce your bath time by one minute, you can save $ 30 a year.

Save $ 30

Turn off the water while shaving, wash your hands, brush your teeth
5. Turn off the water while shaving, wash your hands, brush your teeth
Reduce hot water consumption by 5% to save around $ 19.

Save $ 19

6. Attach the leaky faucet
Repairing hot water leaks in your faucet can save you up to $ 9 a year in energy costs. Learn how to fix this leak.

Save $ 9

7. Remove unused electronics
Emergency electricity can account for 10% of an average household’s annual electricity consumption. Disconnect unused electronics and save $ 50 a year.

Save $ 50

8. Dig a desktop computer
If you are still using your old desktop, reuse it and replace it with your laptop. Using a laptop for two hours a day saves $ 4 a year.

Save $ 4

9. Are you not at home? Turn off the air conditioner
Turn off the old window air conditioner for five hours a day when you are away. Do this for 60 days in the summer and you will save $ 16.

Save $ 16

10. Recycle or donate your old TV
Recycle or donate your old TV. Even if you only use it for one hour a day, this 42-inch LCD screen will cost you six dollars a year.

Save $ 6

11. Control the thermostat
If you have electric heating, lower the thermostat two degrees to save 5% on your heating bill. Calculating it to five degrees can save 10%.

Save $ 120

12. Be strategic when it comes to window coverings
Promote airflow through the home and block the afternoon sun. You can save up to $ 10 (2 fans) or $ 45 (1 air conditioner) in the summer.
Save $ 45

13. Lower the kitchen heating
Avoid using the oven in the summer – try salads, smoothies or barbecue. You reduce the heat in your home and save on household refrigeration costs.

Save $ 5

14. Perform a full download
Cut your laundry per week, even if you only use cold water, and you can save $ 18 a year on your laundry costs.

Save $ 18

15. Wash clothes in cold
By switching from hot to cold water for an average of three charges a week, you can save up to $ 22 a year on your energy bill.

Save $ 22

16. Dry the laundry
If you wash eight different types of laundry a week and use your clothesline for 50% of these clothes, you can save $ 65 a year.

Save $ 65

I have a dryer
17. I put the towel in the dryer
A dry towel added to the dryer can dramatically reduce drying times. If you download seven times a week, you can save $ 27 a year.

Save $ 27

18. Be efficient in cooling
Store the refrigerator and freezer at full temperature. The temperature of the refrigerator is between 2 ° C and 3 ° C, and the temperature of the freezer must be -18 ° C.

Save $ 25

19. Remove the second refrigerator
Confused Eat the second refrigerator and save up to $ 55 a year. Freeze plastic water jugs and use them in a cooler if necessary.

Save $ 55 $

20. Skip the dryer temperature.
This hot dry environment is expensive. Uncheck and save up to $ 27 per year based on the amount of dishes per serving. Day.

Save $ 27

21. Use a microwave, slow cooker or toaster
A microwave oven takes 15 minutes to perform the same job as an hour in an oven. Use a microwave instead of the oven four times a week and save $ 13 a year.

Save $ 13

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