Blog6 - Solar Power and 3D Printing

Solar power is one of the most used alternative energy sources today. Despite this fact, it is still questioned as a sustainable alternative and its costs are a big drawback. However, 3D printing is changing the world in a speedy and very positive fashion. Let’s have a closer look at what 3D printing is and how it can make solar power an energy source of the future.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is a new way of creating solid 3D objects. 3D printers make use of different materials to print a 3D object according specific software designs or a programme. It might sound a bit futuristic, but it is a very real thing.


3D printing will lower production and selling costs because everything will be more cost-effective. Production will be more effective, cheaper materials can be used, fewer transport or shipping costs will be needed, and production costs will be much lower.


Production of solar cells is more efficient through 3D printing. The cells can be made thinner and to specific specifications. Production costs will be lower because there will be less waste and the process will go a lot faster. Production can also happen on-demand and won’t need to be made too long in advance. This means that there is no more wasting time and money.

d2 - Solar Power and 3D Printing


The materials used to make solar cells are complex and must have specific qualities. The 3D printer can make the manufacturing of these cells so much easier and make them more efficient. By using the exact materials in the correct amounts to create the PV cells, they will be much more efficient than the normal flat roof panels used today.


Because people across the world can have 3D printers, the location will not matter. No more need for importing or waiting weeks for solar panels. Now, you can send in an order and the company can make the cells on demand and you can have them within days. Not only does this make customer satisfaction so much easier, it also saves the company money on transportation and shipping costs.


3D printers make it possible to manufacture solar cells of smaller sizes and that weighs a lot less than the ones used at the moment. The materials used are lighter and you can specify the size you want. Soon, solar cells will be paper thin and much more effective than the first cells that were created.

3D printing opens so many doors and solves a lot of problems that people may have with solar power and the equipment that goes with it. 3D printing is definitely the future of renewable energy and it is taking solar power to a new level. We are extremely excited and cannot wait to have our first 3D printed solar PV cells.

What Type of Gadgets Has 3D Printing Brought to Solar Power Solutions?

Sunlight is one of the most powerful energy sources on the planet. This is why we are trying so hard to harness the energy of sunlight and use it as an alternative source to fossil fuels. Fossil fuel burning is the main source of our electricity today and it is making our planet sick. So, many people have tried to come up with ideas that will relieve the strain on fossil fuel electricity and also help the environment.

Here are a few gadgets and inventions that people have come up with for the use of solar energy.

Glass and sand prints – Markus Kayser is a guy who took to the desert and built a 3D printer that uses sunlight and sand. This printer does not work with electricity. Instead, it uses sunlight for power and sand as material and creates beautiful and practical objects. This is a great discovery because there is lots of sand and lots of sunlight available across the world.

Satellites – 3Dprinted satellites that beam energy to Earth – yes, that is possible. Scientists in Japan are developing an idea where they want to print satellites that would gather solar energy and then beam this energy through microwaves to a receiving device on Earth. If they can get this idea to work, we would have an unlimited source of solar power and the weather conditions won’t affect our energy source.

Solar trees – This is another invention making use of 3D printing and solar energy. The idea is to print trees that have solar panel leaves. These trees will effectively act like a solar farm, but they will look like trees. These solar panel leaves will be flexible and could possibly even use the wind to produce energy.

d1 - Solar Power and 3D Printing

Solar panel prints – 3D printing has made so many things easier and more cost-effective. Solar cell printing is one of these things. Solar cells can be printed onto a roll of plastic like you would print a poster. These panels can then be stuck to the walls on the outside of buildings or used to line lamp posts or sidewalks. The opportunities are endless.

People everywhere in the world are trying new things and finding new ways to make use of solar energy and other alternative power sources. These people are changing the world and will continue to do so. None of these ideas are too far-fetched or impossible and we expect to soon see and hear these things actually being used. The future of alternative and renewable energy is near and it is very bright.