Blog8 - 6 Advantages of Renewable Energy and Some Interesting Facts

Renewable energy is the new trend, the new way of doing things, and the necessary option to keep our world population in the light. In the last few decades, renewable energy and the sources we get it from became front page news. These energy sources are vital to the survival of coming generations. Renewable energy is basically energy generated through sources that renew itself and cannot become exhausted. Examples include solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy.

Here are a few interesting facts RMEDTECH gathered on renewable energy:

Several countries have big renewable energy goals. Countries like the USA, China, the UK, and others all have energy goals they have to reach by 2020. The UK’s goal, for example, is to generate 25% of its total energy through renewable sources. These countries are working hard to meet these goals and do their part in saving the planet.

Sunlight can run the world’s electricity needs. If we were able to harness the power of the sun thoroughly, one hour of sunlight would be able to power the Earth for a year. Unfortunately, technology can thus far only harness a very small percentage of the power of the sun. However, technology keeps improving and soon we may be able to harness more and be able to power more households and businesses off the grid than is currently possible.

r2 - 6 Advantages of Renewable Energy and Some Interesting Facts

Renewable energy creates jobs. Unemployment is a big issue in many countries and renewable energy may be part of the solution. It is estimated that renewable energy can create approximately 3 times the job opportunities that the other sources we are currently using.

The future is 2050. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the largest amount of the world’s energy will be supplied by alternative or renewable energy sources. We’re not sure if that means that fossil fuel use will fall away completely or if it will just make out a much smaller percentage. Regardless, a world powered by renewable sources sounds like a great future.

Millions of people are already living off the grid. Statistics that were gathered in recent years have shown that millions of households across the world have already started making use of renewable sources of energy like solar power and wind power. This means that there is already a large number of people making a difference and embracing the benefits of alternative energy sources.

Wind turbines are strong. The UK is one of the leading countries when it comes to generating and using wind power. They have a massive number of wind turbines and a large percentage of their energy is wind energy. One wind turbine can produce enough energy to supply 1400 households with the necessary electricity.

It is interesting to learn how the world is changing. It is also great to remember back to how things were and look forward the new future that looks a lot greener and healthier. We look forward to what the future holds and the day when we all live off the grid.

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From these facts, it is easy to see why renewable or sustainable energy is a hot topic and one that can change the world. For centuries, we have been relying on fossil fuels and more recently on nuclear power for our electricity needs. Well, now some of these resources are running out and they all have negative impacts on the environment and human health. This is where renewable energy sources come in.

Renewable energy sources will help us heal the planet and also help improve the health conditions caused by a polluted environment. It has all these great benefits based on the facts mentioned before:

Reliable – Despite many people saying that wind and solar power are unreliable, renewable sources can be very reliable. All that is necessary is a good infrastructure and maintenance and planning. If managed properly, wind and solar farms can generate enough power to run the world without a hitch. When weather conditions are not ideal, a neighbouring city can supply energy or energy will be stored and made available for use during poor weather conditions.

Eco-friendly – Everyone knows about climate change and global warming. It is caused by the use of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are burned to give us electricity and during the process, it causes so much pollution that both the Earth and humans are getting sick. Wind, solar, and hydro power are eco-friendly energy sources that do not have any of these pollutant emissions.

Job creation – Renewable energy is a new and booming market. Solar and wind energy projects, farms, and companies have created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the last couple of years. This will continue as the small kinks are being sorted out and wind and solar energy become more reliable and accessible. Creating jobs is one of the best benefits because there are so many unemployed people.

Renewable – It’s there in the name. Renewable energy sources are impossible or unlikely to run out. Fossil fuels will very possibly run out and then we will no longer have electricity. This is why alternative fuel sources are so important. Wind and solar energy won’t run out and will give the planet energy for centuries to come. Renewable energy sources cannot be exhausted.

Economic stability – The war for coal and oil and other fossil fuels have made global energy prices and economies fluctuate a lot. The demand for fossil fuels has created many bad situations across the world. The prices are influenced by any number of things and it can be very expensive. With renewable energy sources, this is no longer a problem. Countries need not fight over resources to have what they need. Now the biggest cost involved is the installation and management.

Low maintenance – Renewable energy sources don’t need a lot of attention or maintenance. Wind, solar and hydro power farms will operate on their own without the need for constant attention. This means that power companies will make a profit, the population will receive energy at low prices, and maintenance costs will be a very small fraction of the costs.

Renewable energy truly is the way to the future and it will have so many great benefits. Being less dependent on fossil fuels will clean the air, make people healthier, and resolve many conflicts. Renewable energy is a much more affordable and healthy option.